Excavator winter construction and maintenance precautions!


1. Warm up before turning on the machine in winter, and then slowly stretch the booms before turning on the machine before starting.

2. Precautions in the winter warm-up phase of the excavator:

1) The engine is running at medium speed, and the bucket is operated to warm up;

2) Then, raise the engine speed to make the bucket and stick work continuously for 5 minutes;

3) Lift the machine to rotate the track, and preheat the left and right walking motors respectively;

3. Diesel should be replaced with -10 to -30 models, depending on the region. The more northward, more diesel should be added to prevent diesel waxing and the engine cannot start. Also replace the diesel filter. The oil should be replaced with thickened local applicable oil, and the oil filter should also be replaced. Where there is oil leakage in the hydraulic system, it should be replaced in a timely manner. If necessary, the oil tank must be insulated.

4. The heat dissipation system should carefully check whether the hose is aging and broken. If there is a problem, replace it in time because these places are more prone to problems in winter.

5. Do not add water to the water tank. It is recommended to add antifreeze suitable for the local air temperature to prevent dilution of antifreeze after adding water. In particularly cold areas, it is more difficult to start the engine by adding water to the antifreeze.

6. Be sure to watch in front of the engine when using a torch to heat the engine. You must bring a fire extinguisher on the car. Every year, there are countless accidents caused by the torch ignition engine that cause the excavator to catch fire. Everyone must pay attention! Tell your pilots that sometimes there are other things on hand that you forget when you go to a meeting and neglect a disaster!

7. When the excavator is stored for a long time in winter, please pay attention to:

1. The battery must be taken down and placed in a warm place to prevent feeding;

2. The diesel label in the fuel tank meets the local temperature conditions;

3. Start the engine once every month;

4. Run the air-conditioning system once a month.