What do excavator operators need to pay attention to when shifting?


The price of an excavator is hundreds of thousands or millions. If there is an accident or failure caused by improper maintenance or driving, the driver must explain to the boss. After all, the salary is paid by the boss.

At present, the driver of construction machinery is relatively mobile, and most of them have no labor contract. If it is an accident or failure caused by the problems left by the previous operator, the boss blame you, it is not wrong, so Maxima reminds everyone When picking up, do the following.

What should you pay attention to when handing over the excavator

First, ask the boss or the operator about the maintenance of the entire car, when the whole car filter is changed, when the whole car oil is changed, when the coolant is changed, etc. Manipulator; if conditions permit, it is necessary to do the inspection yourself.

Second, ask the boss or the driver if you need to pay attention to driving this excavator. For example, the machine is easy to derail, deviate, and so on. There is also such a case, there is a certain brand of excavator, there is a phenomenon of walking weakness and serious deviation. One day the driver was absent. The boss asked someone to help get off the flatbed. The person who asked for help did not understand that the machine had a problem with walking. After the engine slammed away, half of the tires almost fell off the flatbed. After waiting for an hour, the driver came to turn the machine off. If the person who comes to help get off the flatbed asks about the performance of the excavator and pays special attention to walking matters, such an accident can be completely avoided.

Third, ask the boss or machine if there are any special circumstances. Generally, there are many special circumstances during municipal construction. Pipes and cables under the street are made up. If you are not careful, you will dig water pipes and cables. Such things may happen. You have to pay a lot of money.

Fourth, write down the working hours, deal with the construction site issues such as signing of the shift records: After the above points are made in detail, let the boss or the operator sign, and finally say that if there is any problem with the machine or the construction site, immediately report it to the boss.

Xinhao Machinery reminds the machine friends to do the four requirements mentioned above when handing over, which will make their work handy, and work more efficiently.